Bespoke Materials Supplied for Olivia Earl Clocks

Trifibre Design & Display were approached by Olivia Earl a local Handmade clock Manufacturer. Based in Leicester, Olivia Earl wanted to source materials from a local joinery supplier.

At Leicester Joinery we are on a constant look out to build joinery products and meet individual requirements.

Olivia Earl approached Leicester joinery as they required CNC routed materials to build their handmade wall clocks. The client came to us with their requirements and our experienced design team and skilful manufacturers were able to build and supply the materials for the clocks. Trifibre Design & Display's have invested heavily into modern CNC machinery. They also boast the latest Alphacam CAD software to give them the ability to meet such requirements.

Our joiners were able to manufacture and build the materials needed for individual clocks.

As a joinery company we are on a constant look out to design and manufacture joinery jobs of all shapes and sizes, so if you require a custom made joinery product then contact Leicester Joinery today, our professional team will be happy to carry out work to meet your individual and specific requirements.