Bespoke Drying Racks for Spray Booth

Our latest project was for a client who approached Trifibre Design & Display and was hoping they could solve the issue of needing multiple bespoke racks at the right price. The investment of steel racks came in at a too high price, and with their particular requirements, the need for over engineered steel was not an option.

The drying racks are for use within spray shops. Conventional racks are made using steel and are an expensive investment for any sprayer. A local business approached Trifibre Design & Display and asked the question “Could an M.D.F drying rack be a suitable solution?” The joinery team sketched up the bespoke rack with specific criteria to meet. The racks are cleverly assembled utilising the machine capabilities of the CNC Biesse. The rigid back panel being housed into the side walls gives the structure fantastic strength and means a fully loaded rack can stand up to the test.

Trifibre Design & Display are always looking to build custom products for individual customers as they have the skills and capability to carry out work of all nature. With their in-house design and joinery team they are able to design and build joinery projects at affordable and competitive prices. So if you are looking for a joinery project built to your specification then contact Trifibre Design & Display today on 0116 232 3116 or email