A CNC Routing Project for the Joinery Department

Our Joinery department were handed over a challenge to manufacture a wooden product with custom CNC routing. The Customer required a small Tool Tray to hold various sized equipment within a wooden Tray.

Firstly our design team used the Alphacam CAD/CAM software to draw up the tool tray making sure the different tool cavity requirements were taken into consideration and added within the drawings.

After the design team finished the drawing they passed the drawing on to the manufacturing team who firstly made a prototype for the customer.

The Joinery team were set a deadline in which the prototype had to be finished. After manufacturing the prototype it was shown to the Customer who was happy with the product and gave Trifibre Design & Display the go ahead for manufacturing the rest of the tool trays.

Check out the image below showing the precision cut MDF Tool Tray.

We aim to take jobs of all sizes into our stride and make sure we give Customers what they require. So if you are looking for a Joinery product then give Trifibre Design & Display a call to discuss the different options available.