Do you ship expensive machinery & products around the World? Need a solution to protect your assets? Our solid & reliable UK manufactured cases are sold all over the Globe, into various industries, such as Aerospace, Defence, Medical, AV, Motorsport and Oil & Gas. From conception, to design, production & dispatch, all completed by our fantastic team here in Leicester. Give us a call today to discuss your custom case requirements! 0116 232 3166


41 down… 162 to go! Made with our 11mm heavy duty penn flight panel, these fantastic cases will be shipping priceless Art around the World. As one of the biggest case manufacturers in Europe, there is little we can’t do from our HQ in Leicester. #UKManufactured

Absolutely delighted to have worked with on the Flight Cases on display at the new Dr Martens Flagship store in Camden Market. Trifibre are one of the biggest custom case manufacturers in Europe, and were chosen by Closed Sundays to help produce custom flight cases to hold iconic memorabilia from bands such as The Clash & Sex Pistols. This project really allowed us to pull together all of our in-house manufacturing abilities, from custom cases, to screen printing, to our spray shop and carpentry & joinery. It’s brilliant to see our departments working cohesively to deliver on such a rewarding project for one of Britain’s famous household names, Dr Martens.

One of our latest challenging challenge was to design and build a unique display stand. Our skilled designers firstly designed this fantastic stand using the customer specification as a guide.
The customer requirements had to be met and we successfully did.
The customer was really happy with what our team built for him.
If you are looking for a bespoke display exhibition stand then please contact us today and one of our sales staff will be happy to help you out.

Digital Exhibition Totem Display Stand

Digital Exhibition Totem Display Stand

Bespoke Drinks Caddy


Flight Case Furniture Project for Formula 1 Team

• Handmade Bespoke Furniture • Soft Close Hinges/Ball Bearing Draw Slides • Spray Shop Finish • Traditionally Joined Carcass Work • Real Wood, Ash Components


Bespoke Counter designed & built by Trifibre Design & Display

Check out the latest creation by our design and display department. These cabinets were designed and manufactured in our Leicester factory for our customer Marmalade of London where they will be used to display their range of luxury fragranced products.

Our latest challenge was to build briefcases which Lacoste could use for sending key media and influencers to support the launch of their new footwear collection.

Portable Drinks Bar Caddy

Bespoke Portable Drinks Bar/Caddy designed & manufactured by our Trifibre Design & Display team. The Spec of the drinks caddy:
- ASH real wood veneered M.D.F
- Stained with black ash stain
- Professionally sprayed with sirca water resistant coating to desired sheen
- Fitted cobalt Blue LED's battery powered
- Both sides of the caddy needs a lid which swings opens 75% out..

Bespoke Exhibition Retail Display Plinths

Another fantastic bespoke miniature cabinet built by our fantastic team at Trifibre Design & Display. We are on a constant look out to help our customers by building product which they require. So if you are looking for a unique stand, display box, storage box etc then contact us today and we will be more than happy to meet your requirements.

Our latest project was to design and build an exhibition stand to suit Korbond. The customer had a few requirements which we had to implement within the stand itself. Taking into account the specification, we at Trifibre Design and display were able to build a stand that ticked all the boxes. The customer was really impressed and also the visitors at the exhibition show were really really impressed.
“we had some very good reactions from these”
If you are looking for an exhibition stand for your shops, for upcoming exhibition shows etc. Then contact Trifibre Design and Display today on 0116 2323166…


Bespoke Exhibition Stand built by Trifibre Design & Display. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01162323166. We are constantly looking at helping out businesses and individuals by building bespoke products to suit their requirements.

Bespoke built 3d “S” for syncases. Syncases were looking for a 3d logo for there exhibition at the Bett show taking place in London.With our professional joinery team and designers Trifibre Design and Display were able to design and built a fantastic 3d Syncase logo to add to their stand at the exhibition. If you are looking for a logo or even a exhibition stand to be built to your specification then contact Trifibre Design and Display today.

Retail Display Shop Units H Shaped Slatted Gondola designed and built by our professionals at Trifibre Design and Display. For more information visit

At Trifibre Design & Display, we are lucky to have our own in house spray shop facilities which enables us to have full control over the quality of finish applied to our products. As a result, our highly experienced and skilled spray painters are able to complete a variety of high quality finishes in a sophisticated and professional manner.

We recently completed a very specialist finish for Emiror Research Leicester (TPI) which involved a three stage spray job in order to achieve a paint spatter effect, similar to water droplets sitting on a non-porous surface.

For more information about the different spray finishes we can achieve, contact our friendly sales team today on 0116 232 3166 or email

We have recently produced a handmade portable drinks storage unit for the Talbot Inn Marston’s country pub in Atherton.

The Drinks Caddy is the perfect piece of furniture to hold your wines and spirits. The caddy is laid out accordingly with shelving to keep your bottles organised and secure. Finished with braked wheels and metal, rubber handles, the caddy is fully transportable, making it perfect for any environment where drinks are to be served, such as restaurants, corporate events, bars, pubs, weddings, parties, marquees and much more.

This particular drinks caddy was desired to have a vintage industrial finish to it which was achieved by using a Black Walnut spray finish, coupled with the distinctly industrial look of traditional flight case hardware. The Tenon joints, aluminium angle, ball corners and the warm wood finish make this product the perfect addition to any working pub or restaurant.

The Table Inn told us the Drinks Caddy was “more convenient than a wine cellar, this drinks storage unit lets you keep a whole host of tasty beverages accessible, but out of sight.”

This drinks unit was handmade in the UK by our expert craftsmen using our in-house facilities, such as heavy duty modern machinery and AlphaCam design software’s, we are able to successfully achieve such a project all under one roof.

If you wish to contact our friendly sales team for any bespoke portable drink unit ideas, call them today on 0116 232 3166 or email

We have recently been working with Ormco, an orthodontic appliance and supplies company, to produce a bespoke protective wooden box filled with custom routed foam to hold specialist equipment.

This box uses real wood weneer (Oak) on an M.D.F core, making it a stable and sustainable option in comparison to using solid timber. However, the box is assembled by the means of mitred joints, giving it the appearance of solid timber. The box, unfinished (Image 3) is then sanded, ready to be sprayed using a dark oak stain and a clear lacquer topcoat to achieve a furniture grade quality of finish. Our in-house spray shop and skilled sprayers set us appart from our competitors and consequently means we can take this from start to finish, all under one roof.

Our state of the art CNC routing machinery allows us to custom design and manufacture foam interiors for any equipment, providing the ultimate in protection and presentation, perfect for exhibitions and displays. Our in-house design facilities enable us to achieve this, however, we can also accept customer supplied CAD in all major formats.

Using our in-house design and manufacture facilities and our professional joiners and carpenters, we can work on jobs of all shapes and sizes to meet your exact requirements.

If you wish to find out more information about Trifibre Design & Display's services, contact our friendly sales team today on 0116 232 3166 or

We have recently manufactured and installed bespoke office tables for Champions UK, a National award-winning creative branding agency, based in Loughborough.

The desks were manufactured using our CNC machine from 18mm Medite M.D.F. A framework was applied to the underside to achieve double thickness and extra strength, whilst still being relatively light weight, which was the desired finish from our client. The desks were then finished with a Steamed Beech Laminate (High Pressure Laminate or HPL). Although the planned office layout made it difficult to install the 5M long and 1.3M wide desks, our highly skilled fitters were able to successfully install the desks with a seamless finish.

Using our in-house design and manufacture facilities and our highly skilled craftsmen, we can work on jobs of all shapes and sizes and can also provide an installation service as part of our excellent customer service.

If you wish to contact our friendly sales team for any bespoke office fitting enquiries, call them today on 0116 232 3166 or email

Trifibre Design & Display were approached by Olivia Earl a local Handmade clock Manufacturer. Based in Leicester, Olivia Earl wanted to source materials from a local joinery supplier.

At Leicester Joinery we are on a constant look out to build joinery products and meet individual requirements.

Olivia Earl approached Leicester joinery as they required CNC routed materials to build their handmade wall clocks. The client came to us with their requirements and our experienced design team and skilful manufacturers were able to build and supply the materials for the clocks. Trifibre Design & Display's have invested heavily into modern CNC machinery. They also boast the latest Alphacam CAD software to give them the ability to meet such requirements.

Our joiners were able to manufacture and build the materials needed for individual clocks.

As a joinery company we are on a constant look out to design and manufacture joinery jobs of all shapes and sizes, so if you require a custom made joinery product then contact Leicester Joinery today, our professional team will be happy to carry out work to meet your individual and specific requirements.

Our latest project was for a client who approached Trifibre Design & Display and was hoping they could solve the issue of needing multiple bespoke racks at the right price. The investment of steel racks came in at a too high price, and with their particular requirements, the need for over engineered steel was not an option.

The drying racks are for use within spray shops. Conventional racks are made using steel and are an expensive investment for any sprayer. A local business approached Trifibre Design & Display and asked the question “Could an M.D.F drying rack be a suitable solution?” The joinery team sketched up the bespoke rack with specific criteria to meet. The racks are cleverly assembled utilising the machine capabilities of the CNC Biesse. The rigid back panel being housed into the side walls gives the structure fantastic strength and means a fully loaded rack can stand up to the test.

Trifibre Design & Display are always looking to build custom products for individual customers as they have the skills and capability to carry out work of all nature. With their in-house design and joinery team they are able to design and build joinery projects at affordable and competitive prices. So if you are looking for a joinery project built to your specification then contact Trifibre Design & Display today on 0116 232 3116 or email

Our latest work was to manufacture a miniature wooden packing crate for a sculpture company. They required the wooden box to be of a specific size and with it being really tiny it was work cut out for our joinery team.

Our joinery team are located in house and are dedicated to take work of all sizes into their stride and make sure it is achieved to the best possible standard. This project was very delicate and with it being small in size our joinery team had to be really careful and make sure the requirements of the customer was met. Their specification required a very intricate detailed model. Although the product was small in size it needed to be authentic and match the appearance of a large shipping crate.

Our joinery team are able to carry out work off all sizes from large projects to small projects just like this wooden box project. Our joinery team were chuffed with what they manufactured. The customer was really delighted with the end product.

Our joinery team are always looking for a challenge so if you have a project for our joinery team then they will be happy to build you a product you require. Trifibre Design & Display are equipped with the latest software’s and heavy duty machinery and also have professional and skillful joiners who have the skills to build and manufacture products of all sizes. During this project the team combined traditional bench skills paired with our modern CAD design software. This particular project was manufactured using 100% recycled timber and constructed using mitre and tongue & groove joints.

If you require a custom joinery product then contact Trifibre Design & Display today on 0116 232 3166 or email us on and our professionals will be happy to build a joinery projects to meet your requirements.

Trifibre Design & Display are always looking to take up challenges. Penny’s Accessories came to Trifibre Design & Display looking for a custom made stand which they needed to add to their fantastic store within the Bluewater shopping centre.

We were happy to take on this challenge and designed & built a stand that would meet the specific requirement’s given by Penny’s Accessories. Penny’s Accessories were looking for a stylish and attractive stand whilst at the same time being a cost effective solution.

If you're interested in our bespoke stand services, contact our friendly team today on 0116 323 3166 or

Trifibre Design & Display were approached by a local clock manufacturer who required a custom built stand to use at exhibitions. They came to Trifibre Design & Display's with specific requirements and after a couple of emails and a chat over phone with our sales representative they decided to give Trifibre Design & Display the go ahead to build a custom made exhibition stand.

Trifibre Design & Display has invested heavily on heavy duty CNC machinery and Alphacam CAD CAM software’s which enables them to design and manufacture bespoke joinery jobs to meet individual needs.

At Trifibre Design & Display we ensure the requirements of the individual customers are taken into consideration at all times, to enable us to manufacture projects which exactly meet the requirements of the customers. With our in-house professionals and highly skilled design and joinery team, Trifibre Design & Display were able to build an exhibition stand which met the requirements of the customer.

If you require a unique stand or product then why not let Trifibre Design & Display build one for you. Our Joinery team have years of experience to carry out jobs off all size. For more information please contact our Sales team on 0116 232 3166 or email

Trifibre Design & Display have had an extraordinary and busy end to the year 2014 manufacturing some amazing joinery products; orders have been flying in keeping our joiners on their toes. With orders flying in and customers looking for custom products the professionals at Trifibre Design & Display have had their work cut out. After a fantastic Christmas break, the joinery department returned to complete an order which required a lot of attention to detail.

This order was to manufacture a custom speaker case. Manufactured using 18mm premium grade Birch face ply. Sealed and finished with high sheen scratch resistant lacquer in our in house spray shop.

With our in-house designers who used the latest Alphacam software to design the speaker case which was then manufactured by our professional joiners and carpenters. The case was a fantastic achievement which met the requirements of our client.

For more information visit Trifibre Design & Display online or alternatively give us a call on 0116 232 3166.

Our Joinery department were handed over a challenge to manufacture a wooden product with custom CNC routing. The Customer required a small Tool Tray to hold various sized equipment within a wooden Tray.

Firstly our design team used the Alphacam CAD/CAM software to draw up the tool tray making sure the different tool cavity requirements were taken into consideration and added within the drawings.

After the design team finished the drawing they passed the drawing on to the manufacturing team who firstly made a prototype for the customer.

The Joinery team were set a deadline in which the prototype had to be finished. After manufacturing the prototype it was shown to the Customer who was happy with the product and gave Trifibre Design & Display the go ahead for manufacturing the rest of the tool trays.

Check out the image below showing the precision cut MDF Tool Tray.

We aim to take jobs of all sizes into our stride and make sure we give Customers what they require. So if you are looking for a Joinery product then give Trifibre Design & Display a call to discuss the different options available.

It has been an extremely busy month here at Trifibre Design & Display. We have launched our brand new website and have been extremely busy manufacturing orders which have been flying in which keeps our professional joinery team happy. These orders allow our Joinery team to show off their skills and manufacture joinery products which suits the customer requirements, so our customer's receive what they require.

Our latest project was to manufacture 100+ retail display plinth for a customer who wanted something unique and which would stand out from the rest. So after talking to the customer our talented design team used the Alphacam CAD/CAM software to draw up the product which enables us to show our customer what the end product would look like. After the Customer was happy with the design, our professional Joinery team were able to start manufacturing a prototype of this product in our state of the art workshop using the latest machinery. After completing the display plinth, it was then shipped out making sure all precautions were looked at making sure the product was safe. After finalizing the prototype with the customer our joinery team manufactured the rest of the display plinth within a required deadline.

So take a look at the images below of the fantastic black ash veneer retail display plinth with screen printed branding all completed in house by Trifibre Design & Display.

Are you looking for something unique or a standard Joinery product then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the options available, as our professional and skillful joinery team will manufacture joinery products of all sizes and shapes.

Welcome to Trifibre Design & Display’s Online Blog. Firstly we would like to thank you for taking out time to read this blog. We are going to be using this blog to keep readers updated with the latest news and the latest work we have carried out at Trifibre Design & Display.

Trifibre are manufacturers and suppliers of custom packaging solutions. Trifibre Design & Display was formed due to a huge demand in the market for manufacturers of Joinery supplies and with 30+ years’ of experience Trifibre decided to bring in an in house joinery department, we have invested heavily on machinery & software’s to meet the demands of our customers.

If you do need any joinery supplies then contact us and we will be happy to help you out. Also please do pass our information to others who may be looking for a Joinery solution.

Welcome to Trifibre Design & Display Online! We are manufacturers of all your Joinery products please contact Trifibre Design & Display for more information on 0116 323 3166 or email