Trifibre Design & Display has access to some of the most advanced, state of the art machinery and facilities available to the joinery industry. This enables us to create unique and innovative designs for bespoke projects that meet tight project deadlines.This includes:

Trifibre Design & Display have invested in 3 of the latest, state of the art CNC routers which enable us to create bespoke joinery based products with accuracy and helps us to meet tight project deadlines. These include, Biesse Rover CNC, Morbidelli CNC Router and SCM CNC.

We have invested in a number of different types of state of the art machinery, in order to complete as many unique and innovative bespoke projects briefs as possible. These include verticle spindle moulder, thicknesser, SCM Si-300E Dimension Saw, SCM Sigma Beam Saw, Crosscut Saw, Rip Saw, Surface Planner, Tenon Machine, Mortise Machine, Pillar Drill, Wadkin Linisher and an Edge Bander.

Trifibre Design & Display also have an in house Spray Booth facility which enables us to create a number of different high quality finishes. Our highly experienced and skilled spray painters are able to complete projects in a sophisticated and professional manner.